Most houses in Houston ainsulationrea are not properly insulated, our technicians are well train to inspect a house and find any possible weakness in their insulation, it does not matter if the house is 40 or 50 years old, we can help to find a solution to any house having problems with the insulation and keeping the house cool enough during summer, our technicians focus in many factors but the most important factors that they focus are the depth of the insulation in the attic, radiant heat that might be getting into the house thru the windows, doors and walls, and proper ventilation in the attic, not having a good ventilation in the attic can have a dramatic increase in your electrical bill on summer time due to the heat gain fromAtticVenting12 the attic into the condition space, call us today and schedule an appointment to inspect your house and find the right solution for your problems with your A/C system or your house insulation.